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Each creation of ESPANA is the pursuit of a beautiful moment! Let it stop when our bride looks in the mirror and sees the final image she had been dreaming of for so long! May it stop when she appears before him, her chosen one! Let the seconds of this beautiful moment be reflected in his eyes: here she is, HIS love, shrouded in tenderness, trembling, freshness ... and this is not magic ... or rather magic, but earthly, accessible to contemplation and touch. Yes, each of our creations is a striving for a beautiful moment!

Каждое творение ESPANA – это погоня за прекрасным моментом! Пусть эта невеста смотрит в зеркало и видит окончательный образ жизни. Пусть она прекратится, когда она предстанет перед ним, ее избранницей! Пусть в его глазах будут отражены все эти прекрасные моменты: любовь, окутанная нежность, крепость, свежесть … и это не волшебство … или, скорее, волшебство, но земное, доступное для созерцания и осязания,

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"We are fans of your beautiful and unusual dresses, and are very happy to offer unique dresses to Swiss brides. We will cooperate with you at any time and wish you success in continuing your business! Best wishes from snowy Switzerland!"
Salon from Switzerland
"I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of Rife. Thank you so much for your help. I use Rife often."
David Larsen
"I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for Rife. Rife was worth a fortune to my company. Rife is the great webtool."
Mary Wells

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